The Metaphysics of Human Experience

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The Metaphysics of Human Experience | (By ChaosNature)

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The Metaphysics of Human Experience

Theoretical and Observational Intelligence Research

Firstly let me commend all Africans for their great resilience and outstanding work in this process, I am sure our intentions and effort is yeilding and projecting positive directives for the nation of Africa.

Lately I have been very concern with the health issues that the African continent has been facing for decades, during my observation, investigations and research which is still on going, it has been brought to one's attention that the nation of Africa is undergoing a quiet but protruding systematic biological, chemical and psychological war fair; (in this context african refer to all who carry the signatory spirit within).

As many are mostly into solving and tackling biological health subjects and issues through the common conventional method I would not be surprised or caught off-guard if I find these suspected groups totally disagreeing with my views on this issue, I will therefore on this note speculate my findings justically utilizing western conventional belief/discovery system. what this means is: as possible as can be, informational materials discussed below will be proven logically to sactisfy the "doubting Thomas" Charater

My drive to help liberate our people from the silent weapons use on us on the quiet wars we face after I have managed to liberate myself from unseen forces continues.

Let's delv into this......


I have Sectioned the various mode-system of attack by following western modules in the division of subjects. This was decided for the purpose of allowing easier edification of the information i will be presenting to students who have gone through today's educational type system of control which we hope you will liberate yourself from in the end game.

The attacks we speak about will be explain PsycologicallyPhysically, Biologically and Chemically.

Biologically (Meaning the physical components such as Cells, Glands, Organs, Water, Chemical constituents, etc); our attack sterms mainly from the genetically modified product that we have now accepted as a stable daily diet without our knowing or knowledge of the consequences due to the transference of information from these products that we ingest into our information transference blood system. The genetical information present in an organic product grown under our sun with the union of the uncontaminated soil has the programming and organic frequencies that tends to communicate and unit us with other life force in our universe, by the introduction of genetically modified products we are now being disconnected from these life forms; we Africans would refer to as ancestors. Scientifically speaking these ancestors communicate organic programs through our DNA construct...these chemical massages are known as hormones. There are varieties of special groups of these hormones that are referred to as neurotransmitters or function as neurotransmitters.

Another example of how we are being deliberately attacked can be seen in the disposal of an industrial waste into our food products and other product such as toothpaste and water.
Fluoride is an industrial chemical waste that is injected into water and tooth paste) the fluorides compound is not a natural occurrence of water configuration, fluoride in tooth paste causes more harm than good in terms of good health system keeping.
For more information see the document written on fluorides and chlorides.

Chemically, (Meaning elemental manipulation - Alchermy) the insecticide used to spray our fruits is very harmful and dangerous to our physiological system, for this reason the insect abstain from direct contact with these fruits in question (Insects are part of nature and what is harmful to insect would definitely be harmful to man).
Common sense tells us that if you have an apple that can be left out for a very long period of time without decaying it also means that this apple has now become less biodegradable, which in turn means that apart from the harmful effect of the chemical spray to the body's system, it also would require a lot more energy to break down this apple in question.
Therefore you end up utilising more energy to break down your food after ingestion, which would make no meaningful sense as you are suppose to gain more energy into the system rather than loose energy from the food you ingest which is one of the primary reasoning behind ingestion.
The above should explain why we sometimes feel tired after eating.

Psychologically, we have not been informed that most of these technologies we use today emits giga hertz of frequency wave form, and most importantly specifically chosen frequency wavebands not necessarily high but parallel to the operating frequencies of our body systems.


The regulatory system of our physiological make up are definitly interfared with when closely studied, the operational frequencies of the Glands and the Organs are to be studied in this concept of reasoning

So apart from the disruption of the brainwave frequencies, other frequencies (such as Telepathic communication frequency wavebands) that we are suppose to be developing are greatly compromised.
The brain wave is adversely affected by some of these frequencies which sometimes result in stress and subsequently ill health.
For more in formation see article on frequencies.

Bio-Spiritual Assessment.

The AIDS epidemic is a perfect subject chosen as an example for this topic (Ps: you are employed to investigate matters discussed on this page and any academic debate to disprove these theories will be received gracefully).

Quantum science under the study of metaphysics is a science that deals with a subject beyond the physical realm; it is a science that requires acute observation. A subtle delicate boundary between the tangible and the intangible, between the Exoteric and the Esoteric realities.

As most do not know, observation is the core principle of intelligence, every theory that led to a so called great “discoveries” and “inventions” that is responsible for today technological era and "development" is gotten from observation of particles of nature, therefore this observation, experiences and discoveries are not an exception.

There is something we refer to as Pre-Matter it is the same energy pattern that is referred to as generally the spirit. There is a spirit to every substance and matter that exists, so matter has a spirit (believe it or not), take patience and observe where this theory is leading.

Consciousness can be measured on a frequency scale, energy is a form of consciousness and depending on how these energy signatures are configured; we are found tagging it with a call-sign/Name. Formation ranges from e.g. elements, neutrons, molecules est. (Formation of wave particles into matter and a study of such behaviour is a topic for a different Article). Moving on...

The mind organises consciousness and thus energy, the major and probably the only course of illnesses is deficiency and improper placement of these energies. (placement either by way of consciouse endeavour or by allowing of the subconciouse to play)

Jumping right into it: 7 major glands in the human body communicate energy gotten through the 7 major chakra systems to 7 major organs in the same system. (Can you yet imagine where we are going with this?)
For more information on chakra see Article written on the human chakra system.

Our system is interwooven from the tangible physical to spirit to the beyond, for example; Endocrine glands release hormones (chemical messengers) into the bloodstream to be transported to various organs and tissues throughout the body. For instance, the pancreas secretes insulin, which allows the body to regulate levels of sugar in the blood. The thyroid gets instructions from the pituitary to secrete hormones which determine the pace of chemical activity in the body (Notice the tranferance of information in this short statement? where are these information enamaning from?, we shall observe as we continue this study)

It all comes through the consciousness, your mental state, the way your think; the way you behave est., before this Energy reaches the physical body, it starts from the abstract (quantum form) and ends up in the tangible (physical) form as in human body system for example. Man would usually identify between these boundaries and most times interfere, (intering is a behaviour inhirited from the 'adam and eve mythological drama, after eating from the tree of knowledge - again a topic for a different Article ).

Moving on: The quality of the instructions that are given to these various glands depends on the quality of the organism’s consciousness and also depends on the genetic coding.

The popular theme “you are what you eat” becomes true when we analyse the scenario where a genetic make up of what we ingest into our physical cells becomes relational to our behaviour-isms.
There are what we refer to as Soma cells and Germ

Soma cells are cells that are easily influenced by the genetical programs inherent from other outside substances that are consumed or taken in by humans, e.g. what we say, what we listen to what we eating, e.t.c (eating is a form of communication),
If the genetic information in a vegetable product for instance is change, it can only mean the energy pattern is to change in synchronicity - except in special extenuating circurmstances. (Remember the concept and science of Genetically modified food and try to imagine the effect of the change in the natural genetical structure of an apple for example will have on our physiological design).

Food products that are supposed to be our medicine cannot serve as what it was originally designed to do anymore since the "geneticists" have now taking their precious time to reconfigure the genetic structure of the food that we ingest today, this change in genetic configuration communicates the changes to our soma cells hence we become what we eat (there are specific co-dings which represent certain organic instruction for the mind and then the consciousness to react upon in other to either heal self of grow right with nature.)

So instead of the original more accurate intelligent coding from the communion between the Sun and the Earth (the seed being the focal point) we get a dumped down version of the human genome construct.

Watch how within language you have coding encoded
The word organ
is related to the word organism and has something to do with the word organise.

The organising mechanism becomes the organs of our body system. Literally the musical instrument referred to as the organ played by musicians work on the same bases and principle of the organs in the human body system, they organise the energy units into patterns that agrees with nature to create harmony, dis-harmonize the energy pattern you create disease (this is all a musicall experience).

So I will ask you my Nubians, who do you think is striking the cord of the human organ to create that negative vibe-rational frequencies that results in ill health of African people?

What I am illustrating is that the energy and the energy level are neither organic nor sufficient enough to heal the physical body.
The gland malfunctions, this malfunctioning is transmitted to the organs and then to the physical wellness.
consequently from the exoteric point of focus, the organs which are basically a group of receptor cells receive distorted, “unnatural “sequence of information which when organised by the organs create dysfunction and disharmony hence as an external notification to check self >> illness of the physical physiology is created.

This is only a brief explanation of the relationship between the mind as consciousness and the physical body.


In biology, an organ (Latin: organum, "instrument, tool") is a group of tissues that perform a specific function or group of functions. Usually there is a main tissue and sporadic tissues. The main tissue is the one that is unique for the specific organ. For example, main tissue in the heart is the myocardium, while sporadic are the nervous, blood, connective etc
Ref: Wikipedia

There are methods of healing the glands, the 7 major organs and the physical body of the human system. There are also methods of raising the vibe-rational frequency of the body to a level acceptable by physical wellness.

Simply Re-calibrating either through esoteric or exoteric means the mental state and the consciousness of Human-Being can rid of what they refer to as Aids

AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

  • Acquired means you can get infected with it; (or acquired through Exchanging of Genes if your consciousness allows the psychological and psycho-spiritual garbage of believing that disease are caused by viruses and bacterial )
  • Immune Deficiency means a weakness in the body's system that fights diseases. (i.e. when the frequency/Energy level is low in the Glands/organs as a result of blockage of organic consciousness that is suppose to flow through the neurons as electricity to the vital parts of the human construct
  • Syndrome means a group of health problems that make up a disease.(one gland affect the other, all glands are connected in communication of information through frequencies so are the organs and in turn all body parts, operations of these units takes place in levels, power cut on one level affects the immediate next est.)


The Aids Info net states: “AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. If you get infected with HIV, your body will try to fight the infection. It will make "antibodies," special molecules to fight HIV”
This is a white lie whilst it is true that viruses have a role to play, it is also notable that the so called aids development did not begin from the matter level.
All illness begins from the abstract realm
We create our own reality with the focus of our attention, this is hard to believe talk-less to know, but it is a quantum fact that behaviourism is the major coding instrument for imprinting information into genes levels (be it behaviourism from the past or from the future, you wrote and you are still writing your experiences).
And the gene now translates this information through the chromosomes to other cells of the body parts.
Cut long story short, negative programming of the thoughts create all forms of diseases,
Conventional physical western drug act as a catalyst which helps drives or less frequently stabilize the disease.
This Problem is not as easy as we think it is, but it is easy if we are able to co-ordinate and get our concepts right. The problem we face is both Physical and spiritual so to speak, we forget that we are spiritual being having a physical experience, hence we only concentrate on physical principalities.
If we where to turn just a little bit to the abstract side of the equation and try and create a balance or restore the balance that has been thrown out by negligence of the abstract or by overindulgence into the physical , we will arrive at a simple solution.


Too much study and attention has been paid to matter and non to antimatter. This unbalance equation is reflecting on the planet too.
The educational system failed to teach us how we are directly connected with our surroundings, with our planet and with the universe, and this information is one among the most important fact that we need to study and prove to our young growing generation.

The chemical messages carried by the hormones represents the ancestors of the individual in question, there are several ways of cutting the communication or severing the communication with your inner self, one way is to keep disrespecting you ancestors the way we are currently disrespecting them right now, the other way is to physically disrupt direct communication coming through the gene from the ancestors by acting mercilessly on our physiological systems.

Article <003>……..

Thanks for your attention, I trust your will make a difference with our people and the rest of the would
If you have any questions and unclear aspect of this topic or like me to elaborate on the summary do not hesitate to contact me through my email.



Useful Articles

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The Metaphysics of Human Experience | (By ChaosNature)

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