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The Topic of Homosexuality
Part 1

What is responsible for regulating our biological clock is what we seek to concentrate our focus on in Working towards achieving a balance between the feminine and the masculine principle of our human physiology.
Our physical construct just like nature is dual in nature, by this I am referring to the fact that our reality
Conforms to a law which tend to dictate the existence of two polarity in every aspect of our experiences.
In science we speak of the dual nature of the electron in contrast to the proton with the neutrons acting as independent component which tends to resolve unbalanced equation between these two entities in question.
Macroscopically we know there also exist duality between so called living things, e.g a man and a woman in terms of humans, magnetism is an opposite complementary to electricity with time as an element being the end product as a result of friction between these two realities, matter holds antimatter as an opposition to itself, black holes has the universe as it's opposition, darkness Vs light, up and down, black and white, left and right, truth and false, the list goes on...
After thorough study and investigation into the English dictionary, as a language this same dualities was revealed, as a matter of fact it was realized that as vast as the dictionary might seem to present itself there are truly only two word in this book, the two words are simply Positive and negative or Good and Bad, when u thesaurus one of these polarity it can take u through all it related counter parts, for example we
pick on the word Good, and you find half the dictionary is classified under Good and the others Bad...let me not bore you with too much details on this, but my point here is we cannot hide from the dual nature as long as you are operating in this 3rd density reality….
Now let delve straight into the topic of Homosexuality......
We look to biology to help bring clarity into the task of how to archive a balance of complementarities into our human physiology...

Endocrine System Analysis...
The main glands in play here are the pineal glands (Masculine in nature), the pituitary glands (Feminine

in nature), the hypothalamus gland (Neutral in nature) and the Hormones (chemical messengers).
DNA analyses would also have to be dragged into this as we r going to be determining how and where Chemical messengers called hormones come from.


Part 2

The endocrine system is a system of glands, each of which secretes a type of hormone to regulate the body. The endocrine system is an information signaling system much like the nervous system. Chemical messengers referred to as Hormones regulate many functions of an organism, functions such as mood, growth and development, tissue function (E.g Mammary glands in females), counter behaviorism (Feminine or masculine attitude) and metabolism.
The endocrine system is made up of a series of ductless glands that produce chemicals called hormones. The pineal gland, the thymus gland, the pituitary gland, the thyroid gland, the spleen, and the two adrenal glands are all ductless glands.

Pineal Gland
The pineal gland secrets melatonin which helps in the regulation of sleep and wake mode, the pineal gland is also responsible for downloading information from the subconscious realm, it is calcified in mammals that do not possess the skills to abstract information from the imaginary realm of the subconscious, for those who do not know how to tap into the intuition that exist within self it is calcified.


Modern examination techniques have revealed that all pineal glands become more or less calcified.
what is not realized is that as we grow older we use less and less of the pineal gland in that we do not longer draw energy from the seat of the soul called pineal gland, we tend to relax our exploration into the imaginary side, we use less of the right hemispheric brains, and it is the pineal gland that mostly feeds the right hemispheric brains, therefore when the pineal muscle are no longer in use it shrinks and become calcified.
The pineal gland contains a number of peptides, including GnRH, TRH, and vasotocin, along with a number of important neurotransmitters such as somatostatin, norepinephrine, serotonin, and histamine
The major pineal hormone, however, is melatonin
Melatonin was first discovered because it lightens amphibian skin, an effect opposite to that of melanocyte-stimulating hormone of the anterior pituitary
Secretion of melatonin is enhanced whenever the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated
melatonin levels are much higher in children under age seven than in adolescents and are lower still in adults, this is because children are still very much right brain hemisphere users , as we grow older we become more logical and hence calcification of the pineal gland (when this whole excercise man is involve in start to advance further, the characteristics displayed as we where instruduced into this reality will remain similar to characteristics whne we are exitting - it is a half of a sign wave and not a straight line).
Moving on: Secretion of melatonin increases soon after an animal is placed in the dark; the opposite effect takes place immediately upon exposure to light. Its major action, well documented in animals, is to block the secretion of GnRH by the hypothalamus and of gonadotropins by the pituitary.
The more of the information you draw from the dark realm, from the subconscious realm, the more melatonin you manufacture within your physical self construct or human physiology.

Pituitary Gland
The pituitary gland secretes hormones regulating homeostasis, including tropic hormones that stimulate other endocrine glands. It is functionally connected to the hypothalamus; homeostatic regulation is controlled by the release of hormones into the bloodstream. The release of oxytocin to intensify the contractions that take place during childbirth for example is one of the function of the homeostatic regulator of the pituitary glands, these glands should not be found active in males. Not unless as a man you are planning on giving birth. This hormone called oxytocine is also produced after stimulation of the nipples, so one behavior for example we expect to encourage hormonal balance tipping to the other end of the scale would be physically rubbing and stimulating the nipples as this would activate the glands and thereby manufacture this feminine hormones.


Oxytocin is made in magnocellular neurosecretory cells of the supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei of the hypothalamus and is stored in Herring bodies at the axon terminals in the posterior pituitary In the pituitary gland, oxytocin is packaged in large, dense-core vesicles, where it is bound to neurophysin

Now let look at Hypothalamus....
The hypothalamus is a portion of the brain that contains a number of small nuclei with a variety of functions. One of the most important functions of the hypothalamus is to link the nervous system to the endocrine system via the pituitary gland (hypophysis).
The nervous system is an organ system containing a network of specialized cells called neurons that coordinate our actions and transmit signals between different parts of our body. Nervous system consist of nuerons,
Neurons send signals to other cells as electrochemical waves travelling along thin fibers called axons


Wikipadia Sates:
Some of the properties that define a chemical as a neurotransmitter are difficult to test experimentally. For example, it is easy using an electron microscope to recognize vesicles on the presynaptic side of a synapse, but it may not be easy to determine directly what chemical is packed into them
Well we know the properties of certain neurotransmitter chemical by its manifestation.


I am introducing the nervous system so we can have at the back of our mind how external input of information returns back to these glands.
Our behaviorisms is also classified into two nature type, to be more clear I am stating that behaviorism
is also dual in nature, this is to say there are feminine behaviorism and masculine behaviorism each
of these can be coded back into the system through the energy centre to the nerve ending...through the

Blood streams as hormones (Chemical messengers) into the organs and then the glands, I refer to this as reverse coding.
The above process is the origins of chemical messages in the system, we code these messages into our systems, and some are directly coded from the conscious and others from a subconscious or what science would like to refer to as involuntary behavior.

Mainstream Science states:

In the early 20th century, scientists assumed that synaptic communication was electrical
Synaptic transmission

However, through the careful histological examinations of Ramón y Cajal (1852-1934), a 20 to 40 nm gap between neurons, known today as the synaptic cleft, was discovered and cast doubt on the possibility of electrical transmission. In 1921, German pharmacologist Otto Loewi (1873-1961) confirmed the notion that neurons communicate by releasing chemicals. Through a series of experiments involving the vagus nerves of frogs, Loewi was able to manually control the heart rate of frogs by controlling the amount of saline solution present around the vagus nerve. Upon completion of this experiment, Loewi asserted that neurons do not communicate with electric signals but rather through the change in chemical concentrations. Furthermore, Otto Loewi is accredited with discovering acetylcholine—the first known neurotransmitter

neurotransmitter are specialized group of specific chemical composition with different conductive properties.
the composition of the chemicals that make up neurotransmitter gives the neurotransmitter it's label and properties. as these properties control or determines the movement and method of movement of the ions.

ions are either positive or negative ruminants of and atom it is the charge that was knocked out of the electron shell causing an imbalance....
this said u can see how confused your master is and why it is that they do not have a cure for any of these deseases that currently exist...cos they do not understand the science that was given to them, ...yes given to them, they are just beating arround the bush in confusion...
the assumptions of the scientist in the early 20s where correct....Synaptic transmission or communication is electrical....the movement of ions in the chemical solution called neurotransmitter is say it is not electrical would be to say the passage of charges in batteries are not does'nt matter wether the charge is flowing through what we call solid of what we call liquid is still a charge partical..water is a solution so is copper...just different state


Back with the hypothalamus gland:
Hypothalamus synthesizes and secretes neurohormones, often called hypothalamic-releasing hormones, and these in turn stimulate or inhibit the secretion of pituitary hormones. A neurohormone is any hormone produced and released by neurons

Hypothalamus I have been told is classified in some homosexual behavioral people, which do not surprise me as when a muscle is not often brought into play it shrinks. What? some might think , but there are two type of homosexuality; one that blocks flow of passage of information through the hypothalamus to the pituitary restricting proper regulatory balance to occur, the other that pushes information frequently
through the hypothalamus to the pituitary gland, therefore I would expect to notice both classified and
female normal size hypothalamus glands in gay male.



Part 3

Human Sexual Orientation and the Hypothalamus
According to D.F. Swaab, "Neurobiological research related to sexual orientation in humans is only just gathering momentum, but the evidence already shows that humans have a vast array of brain differences, not only in relation to gender, but also in relation to sexual orientation. Specifically, there are similarities between the hypothalamuses in heterosexual men (HeM) and homosexual women (HoW) and also between homosexual men (HoM) and heterosexual women (HeW).
In 2004 and 2006, two studies by Berglund, Lindström, and Savic[16][17] used Positron Emition Tomography
(PET) to observe how the hypothalamus responds to smelling common odors, the scent of testosterone found in male sweat, and the scent of estrogen found in female urine. These studies showed that the hypothalamus of HeM and HoW both respond to estrogen. Also, the hypothalamus of HoM and HeW both respond to testosterone. The hypothalamus of all four groups did not respond to the common odors, which produced a normal olfactory response in the brain.

Pay proper attention to the above quotes by to D.F. Swaab, if taking into proper consideration the above; it is very implicating in respect to what is being presented in this article.


Part 4 Delayed……..


DNA molecules

Chromosome are a very long DNA molecule and associated proteins, that carry portions of the hereditary information of an organism


The chimp family contains a pair of 24 chromosomes and the humans race a pair of 23 chromosomes, however the physical manifestation of the result from the manufacture of the proteins from the DNA and RNA process should be an indication of the variance in the coding and the program contained within the species…if we follow this analogy humans similarity to the banana coding is about 50%, hence the difference in appearance between the looks of bananas and humans, with chimps it’s about 98% similarity, hence the resemblance and the difference, therefore the difference between black human race and white human races (the large buttocks in black females, the big lips in black humans, the nappy hair, the skin coloration, the rhythm in Black humans and the lack of rhythm in white humans e.t.c) are all indication that we do not have similar pairs of DNA structures, it is not just CG and AT molecules like main stream science would like to conclude that exist in humans…there is more than the 2 pairs of DNA molecules,, the so called junk DNA are being put together again to form more pairs and sequences of assembly, this is resulting in the creation of certain spiritual and quantum attitude in some humans…
The behaviorism of the black race and the culture is totally different from that of the white humans, and your behaviorism is an evidence of the resulting coding of the proteins by the DNA and the RNA of the so-called human physiology.
There exist more pairs of DNA structures in Black humans than in any organism, every DNA code that make up the banana exist in Humans, every DNA coding that exist in a cat, dog or a bacterial exist in humans, like wise every DNA coding that exist in white Humans can be found in Black humans but it is not the other way round.
The integration of blacks race with the white race is introducing new and additional DNA molecules into the white Gnome system, a completely new set of instructions are introduced into the white race by the end of integration between the two races, this is to be kept secret from Blacks as it is feared that we become superior, behave superior and play superior…and they cannot handle this…
But the truth must me told…
I will not wait for the gnome scientist to verify the obvious to me before we move forward, if you can lay your hands on these unnecessarily expensive apparatus and equipment that can be used to investigate my claims and sequence /compare the gnome structures of the two races in question then all support to you…if not then you just have to know this is what it is… The world stayed flat for decades before it was verified otherwise….life continued.
Why where materials destroy by Alexandra the great and other white races, why are most part of our information sunken and now living under water, what is it they do not want the world to know, we know they take a part of our information use it for their discoveries, treat like garbage and throw the rest that they do not understand away, but we do not know why a few others were physically destroyed…
You can destroy the physical evidence but u cannot get rid of the quantum, abstract, spiritual reality that codes this physical evidence.
What is instructing the genetic materials to carry out the functions they so well do?
What instructs the molecule (hilicase) those races along the DNA strand unzipping it to copy the codings?
What gives the mRNA the instructions to perform all the duties it performs in the process of DNA replication?


Part 5
A hormone (from Greek ?ρμ? - "impetus") is a chemical released by one or more cells that affects cells in other parts of the organism. Only a small amount of hormone is required to alter cell metabolism
Cells respond to a hormone when they express a specific receptor for that hormone. The hormone binds to the receptor protein, resulting in the activation of a signal transduction mechanism that ultimately leads to cell type-specific responses.
Combined hormone-receptor complex moves across the nuclear membrane into the nucleus of the cell, where it binds to specific DNA sequences, effectively amplifying or suppressing the action of certain genes, and affecting protein synthesis

Sex Hormones
Estrogen (Feminine)
While estrogens are present in both men and women, they are usually present at significantly higher levels in women of reproductive age. They promote the development of female secondary sexual characteristics, such as breasts, and are also involved in the thickening of the endometrium and other aspects of regulating the menstrual cycle.
Several important peptide hormones are secreted from the pituitary gland. The anterior pituitary secretes luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone, which act on the gonads, prolactin, which acts on the mammary gland
Testosteron (Masculine)
Testosterone is a steroid hormone from the androgen group. In mammals, testosterone is primarily secreted in the testes of males and the ovaries of females, although small amounts are also secreted by the adrenal glands. It is the principal male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid.
On average, an adult human male body produces about forty to sixty times more testosterone than an adult human female body, but females are, from a behavioral perspective (rather than from an anatomical or biological perspective), more sensitive to the hormone
Testosterone is necessary for normal sperm development. It activates genes in Sertoli cells
The behavioral modification by male homosexual attitude therefore would be expected to eventually through modification of the DNA reduce sperm count. (With Time Extinction)

For those who wonder, Hormone is essentially a chemical messenger that transports a signal from one cell to another
So let explore chemical messengers;
Chemical messenger is a molecule which serves as a signal to initiate or terminate a particular cellular event
A chemical messenger uses Neurotransmitters to transmit impulses from one nerve cell to another.


Your thoughts forms Chemical messages and hence Hormones
This is why it is just as important to pay attention to the contents of your thoughts just as it is with what you ingest into your system, in fact the implication of the content and action of your thoughts on the cells is more significant than that of what your ingest.
In conclusion, your think gay you create a set of gay chemical messages that influence from DNA level the cells and eventually the organs of your construct.
Some of these gay messages if not all are foreign to African culture, most of these messages are new messages which was introduced by the Europeans, you can probably now find it in the gene level if proper research is carried out, the implications of this is that children can now be born gay.
The world we leave in is now a polluted world, but there are preventions just as with any other dis-functions.


“Junk DNA”

In evolutionary biology and molecular biology, junk DNA is a provisional label for the portions of the DNA sequence of a chromosome or a genome for which no function has been identified
If the function of a DNA sequence is not known those this mean it has no function?

About 95% of the human genome has at one time been designated as "junk", including most sequences within introns and most intergenic DNA. While much of this sequence may be an evolutionary artifact that serves no present-day purpose, some junk DNA may function in ways that are not currently understood.
This is a good example of how mainstream science misinforms the public, the naming of the unknown DNA referred to by science as Junk DNA was a deliberate act to inform the students that this DNA was useless.
What is wrong with a naming convention like Unknown DNA or X DNA?
After the war of Atlantis based on the trauma that living beings went through the DNA strands where dismantled, the war forced living beings to fall back down from higher dimension to the 3rd density reality, at 3rd density level only two strand DNA are activated hence our dual nature,
However as we begin to develop we begin to create and send new chemical messages base on the legacy DNA instructions, the result of this is more than two strand DNA, your thoughts build and affect your DNA pattern and hence the physical structure, your physical structure is but only a manifestation of the activities of the programs that went before it, this is why I stated in the past with the discussion in ball-breakers post….that you construct your own reality, collectively we co-construct our reality we are somewhat connected and this is why on the root level we share similar DNA coding system, we are bound to the same time matrix, but as we grow in consciousness we begin to flee into other higher dimension and realm of realities.


This system we are currently operating is feminized, the white man’s culture is feminized, and Africa is being introduced slowly into this feminine culture called the civilized world, there really isn’t anything civilized about the attitude of the system which is being controlled mostly by homosexuals....
Our culture is masculine, and this is not the time of the rising feminine principle, it is the time of the rising and the complimetaility of both principles, a balance most be struck, and it will eventually tilt back to masculine principle and the process continues, it is a cycle......
I will not have to force any change as the change is automatic, automatic in the sense that the program has been written and deployed......with time as a neutral factor....


Part 6
We start with behaviorism...
If we are going to have a discussion we have to define some of the words that makes up the content of our discussion other wise the content will not be understood...
So I ask do we know what behaviorism means and represent.
If not then let me start by defining what behaviorism represent.
Behaviorism is a state of being that influence and defines our every action...these actions in turn
Creates our reality....this reality forms a matrix that we operate in and around....the matrix is a set of programs put together collectively....
Your thoughts are vibrations and these vibrations package together what science calls chemical messengers
Just like the name suggest; it is a set of instructions compiles base on the content and programming of the thought process....they are also referred to as hormones. The term chemical comes into play as there are chemical reactions that occur in the solution that carries these signals emitted by the Thought through the cells by the blood with the help of the various wiring called neurons...
DNA...DNA is the section of the human system that organizes these takes in thoughts
vibrations exoterically and esoterically.....exoterically through what you eat , what you listen to, what you read, what you say e.t.c (all these action create a chemical reaction in your cells which eventually write a code back into your DNA molecules)...esoterically through past life programs, ancestry (something I explored with Saigon in the part 1 of this discussion), and other star code frequency projections. On the exoteric level presently just view the process as an on-going process of writing your own book of experiences every actions and reactions that takes place in your life time is being are writing a book as you live on.
There is a saying that goes.... The day you don’t learn something new is the day you did not live…
The RNA is like the amplifier, it replicates the instructions of the this is how it works...information passes through the DNA either esoterically or exoterically, with the chakra, representing or acting as the intermediary between the physical and the spiritual, the Chakra is neither physical nor is is an energy signature and it is also a physical
Signature, the nerves endings pick up the signals these signals transfer thought through the bloodstream solution as hormones or chemical messengers to their designatory destination, exoterically they are received scattered , spread out through certain amazing processes (which I will come to in a in a while) to your consciousness....the reaction from the esoteric programs after it is played out is recompiled and sent back to the system through the soma cells back into the DNA through the chakra back to your akachic record....this is your soul....your soul holds the experiences present past and future experiences. Mainstream science like us to believe we are currently operating on only 2 strand DNA system ...but the truth is we are not all operating in a 2 strand mode, some of us have rewired some of the disconnected DNA strand and are now operating on higher dimension with a greater yet more volatile vibrational frequency reality....this is why it is very hard for some of us to grasp the concept of these higher reasoning...this type of reasoning is not for every human capacity or edification....I expect 4% maybe less maybe more to comprehend this level of reasoning and the others with big ego and locked down mentality wit unbalance spirit to cater for the big ego to try and drag the rising down....

Homosexuality...let see...
The design of nature is a collective agreement of the collective consciousness....this agreement states that within the confines of the laws of nature drafted, we all shall abide to, no judge exist to judge you when you are out of line or not conforming but your my view homosexuality is not in line or should I say not coherent with the laws that was like I said no judge but your self...when you break the laws you will get punished accordingly by circumstances...and this is what is happening with homosexuals..In case u have-not done enough research on this line of reasoning yet do so,
...apart from the fact that they are canceling them self’s out of reality ...they are also dying form
diseases as a result of their foreign behaviors....
The Solution:
A certain meditational practice must be adopted...the questioning of environmental disturbances and also the questioning of thought processes to stop the production of these unbalanced chemical messages which can then result in organic messages streaming down through the DNA coding mechanism....once this quiet state is archived with practice eventually we would be able to from a subconscious level re-create and realign the reality we desire through pulling down subconscious programming into the DNA zone....exoterically frequency therapy can be modulated, I have a simple apparatus that dissipates specific frequencies depending on the calibrated frequency...there are specific frequencies for specific organs...every organ has it own resonating frequency which can be corrected if out of balance with other organic frequencies in the human physiology. This is why organ transplant always never is perfect as it takes a long while for the transplanted organs to synchronize with the system it is introduced into.

Chaos By Nature

More to come | Watch this space…….

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