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From Research . . .and i remember working with tuning folk during my physics laboratory days.

If you strike a tuning folk which is essentially what a Tibetan bowl or safagago instrument is: hold the folk

against a piece of paper  lets assume this piece of paper has a maximum flexibility to it, it will soon start to

resonate in synchronicity and in unism with the tuning folk.

This phenomena of "frequency therapy" so to speak has a similar effect on our energy/archetype centers when these

method of re-alignment is deployed or applied.

Different archetype has a key and their various keys are the vibrational frequency value they use to communicate or

interact with our physical bodies.

By vibrating these key frequencies so that it resonate with the designated affected distorted archetype center; we

are opening and clearing the channel of union and communications with the archetype energy in question.

All archetype are within us, all we are doing by these act is bringing them back into active service.

I have taken some time out in listing Frequencies allotted to each of the 7 Chakras/Archetype physical gateways


- Root Chakra - Liberating Guilt and Fear - 396hz
- Sacra Chakra - Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change - 417hz
- Solarplexus Chakra - Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair) - 528hz
- Heart Chakra - Connecting-Relationships - 639hz
- Throat Chakra - Awakening Intuition - 741hz
- 3rd EyeChakra-Returning to Spiritual Order - 852hz
- Crown Chakra - Higher Solfeggio Frequency - 963hz

We also benefit from similar experiences when we stand next to a person who we tend to say is resonating on a higher

frequency, just being around some people can be healing. . .this healing is possible by way of resonance.

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