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Dec 09


Posted by: chaosnature in MyBlog

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Based on the variations and the coming changes of the planetary rotation from which the function (t) time was directly derived, come 2012 there will be a massive change in consciousness,
The change will result in the dissolution of the monetary system; we will have no more need for money or money transactions.
All consciousness will be forced to transform in synchronicity with other planetary bodies that will be synchronizing their organic consciousness that has been formed as part of the delayed intelligence, the differences in thousands of years in consciousness will be synchronized.
This synchronisation happens every 13 thousand years, and according to the Myan system of calendar system the next sync should be expected 2012, now whether or not we can utilized the current business Gregorian calendar system to make this reference point of 2012 is still under investigation by myself and probably others.
Best bet is; knowing how many times the atomic clock has been reset by the federal bodies and how much inaccuracies and approximations has been applied on the Gregorian calendar system, it will not come as a surprise to me if this does affect the reference point.
An indication that the monetary system is dissolving is evident in the collapsing in the name of recession of the western civilizations...
J i Can't wait
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